Where can I buy Sweet Chemistry?

Ready to buy? You have options!

Liquid Silver Publishing offers epub, htm, lit, mobi (for kindle), pdf, & prc. They offer unlimited downloads, so if you download one format and it doesn’t work for your device, you can download a different one.

Amazon offers a kindle edition.

Barnes & Noble offers a Nook edition

ibookstore offers a kindle edition.

Kobo is compatible for these devices: desktop, ereaders, android, tablets, ios, and blackberry.

GooglePlay can be read on Smartphones and Tablets (by installing googleplay books app for android and iPad/iPhone), or Laptops and Computers (using your computer’s web browser).

I have an epub reader on my computer (I downloaded it for free) and iBooks, which will read epub and pdf ebooks. So even if you don’t have a kindle, nook, or some other type of reading device, as long as you have a computer, you’ll be able to read my books!

Don’t forget to review on the site where you purchase my book and on Goodreads. I live for good reviews!

3 thoughts on “Where can I buy Sweet Chemistry?

    • Thank you!! I never thought of posting this before, but figured it would be helpful to have all the purchase links in one place!

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